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Framework for Success

Outlining a framework for design and change success.


Change is happening all around us and organisations can’t sit still. Everything is in a constant state of flux.

New ways of working, new ways of delivering, technology change, environmental pressures, austerity and the financial position and now Covid 19 – all driving the need for real fundamental innovative change … but often change ideas and great design ideas, hit barriers and stall, or worse, die.

There are many and varied reasons for this, but often the reasons are around a lack of understanding of the business, its context and how it operates. Difficulties arise where the change crosses different organisations (or different parts of the same organisation) with different cultures, leadership styles, governance requirements and processes – and not much in the way of common language, principles or vision for change.

Our change process addresses this by generating insights and data around the specific drivers, impacts, barriers and conditions that will effect that organisations change plans, programmes and projects. 

The research, insights and planning generated in this pre-design upstream Understand stage should minimise downstream design and delivery issues, make the implementation of the final change quicker, easier, more likely to be taken forward and more likely to succeed.

This wider process is flexible to allow organisations choice in the design process they use but does assume that delivery is (or will be) underpinned by a framework of agile programme management and change governance.

You can explore the Understand stage in more detail by following the link below.