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Design your strategy

A framework for a co-designed strategy

It can be quite a daunting prospect to develop a strategy. There is too much to do in the day job, time is tight, resources are constrained and the focus is on delivery of services.

There are organisations that provide their services without having an obvious strategy. They are delivering -aren’t they?

Well….maybe, but how well? Can they answer a resounding YES to the following questions:-

  • are we all working to a clear and understood core purpose?
  • do we all share the same vision and goals – where and what the organisation want to be?
  • will we know when we get there – when the vision and goals are delivered?
  • are we working efficiently and effectively?
  • do we know that what we deliver is the right thing to the right people?
  • do we know how well we are doing and how we can improve

If the answer to the above is NO then a bit of time spend co-designing a strategy with your stakeholders will be well worth the effort. A well developed strategy will give focus and clarity of purpose and direction. It will ensure better use of scarce resources by identifying priority areas for development and will give a roadmap for delivery of the priority areas.

When facilitating strategy design workshops with clients we use a three stage process of setting strategic content, deep diving the reality and using the outcomes from both of these exercises to develop a strategic map. Please contact us if this methodology is of interest to you.