How We Can Help

Understand your Business

Introducing the Change Context Canvas. Driving a deep understanding of business and organisation context to improve design and change success.

In Frameworks for Change we introduced our change process of Understand | Design | Deliver and outlined the importance of that first stage of understanding the business and the context within which organisational change was taking place.

The Change Context Canvas is a powerful, strategic, pre-design stage tool that creates an understanding of the business and the context within which any kind of organisational change will take place. Using the canvas supports decision making in relation to:-

  • Potential viability of change
  • The optimal timing for change and moving to the design phase
  • How identified barriers and constraints to change can be overcome
  • Designing your strategy for successful and sustainable change

The power of the canvas comes from the gathering of data and insights across organisational domains that could affect the feasibility and viability of the potential change and from the transparency of the barriers and constraints that could affect implementation. These insight put the organisation in a powerful position to plan for change success.

Use the canvas when you are:

  • Designing change programmes and projects
  • Designing or re-designing services
  • Collaborating with others on projects or services across different organisations

At Change Frameworks we help organisations gain that understanding by designing and facilitating workshops in which teams complete our change design tool, the Change Context Canvas. We can offer a range of services which include workshop design and delivery and training those interested in designing and facilitating workshops in organisations.

Please get in touch if this is of interest or you think we can help you.