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Efficiency and Effectiveness Model

Find out how your organisation can make the best use of resources and release capacity to increase the value you add.

Many of the services provided by organisations, and the systems and processes that underpin them, are inefficient and wasteful. If organisations are to maximise the use of their scarce resources of  people, money and assets they need to find a way to identify and deal with this inefficiency and waste.

Maximising the benefit and value of scare resources requires organisations work effectively – providing the right services based on real user needs and insights. Services that are provided using the right operating models with the right underpinning systems and processes.

Change Frameworks Efficiency and Effectiveness Model has been developed to support organisations in assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the services they provide and the systems and processes that underpin that service delivery.

The model acts as a prioritisation mechanism which allows organisations to ensure that their resources work for them in providing value to customers, citizens or service users.

Working through the model identifies redundancy and waste providing data to make decisions about what:

  • provides value to the customer, citizen or user – and the organisation
  • does not provide that value and therefore needs stopped, developed or improved
  • could be reallocation for new provision
  • could be consolidated or combined
  • could provide resource savings

Change Frameworks can design and deliver workshops on Efficiency and Effectiveness and can train those interested in using this model in the workplace. We also collaborate with partners to deliver consultancy and capacity building in service design, lean and process improvement which supports the outcomes of the Model.

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